Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Flooring is extremely popular amongst interior designers, yet offers an affordable solution for flooring. Vinyl planks can achieve a very similar look as hardwood or laminate flooring. 

Environmental Footprint

With much focus nowadays on “green building”, Vinyl Flooring is a great solution to keep your environmental footprint to a minimum. 

Easy to Clean

Vinyl Flooring is extremely easy to clean. Sweep your floor on a regular basis and occationally apply a damp-clean with the manufacturer’s recommended products. Vinyl has an extremely strong and durable coating, ensuring that your floor is protected against debris and dust penetration.

Scratch Resistance

With the high level of scratch and stain resistance that Vinyl Flooring offers, you will have a stunning luxury floor for years to come.

Less Time to Install

Vinyl Flooring is very quick to install. Once an installation is completed, the floor surface may be used almost immediately.